Learn How to Replace MacBook Pro Battery

Learn How to Replace MacBook Pro Battery?

Laptops or other portable devices all come with rechargeable batteries which give power backup to run the device and after certain times of use, it become obsolete that needs to be change timely to avoid any kind of data loss or other technical setbacks. Apple MacBook pro battery when not gives considerable power backup it should be replaced immediately with the help of MacBook pro support service.

Learn How to Replace MacBook Pro Battery

Replacing laptop battery is not a critical process but it requires an extra carefulness to ensure that no other parts or internal components get damaged during the replacement process. And to avoid such situation you should take help of MacBook pro technical support from a certified technician, but if you not found anyone, and then let us help you how to replace the MacBook pro battery successfully

The whole process is easy but before that you should have a compatible battery to fit into your MacBook pro model, so check the model and buy the original battery from an authorized shop. And get ready with the steps instructed below with complete set of essential tools necessary to open the MacBook pro.

Step1: First of all, keep the device on a white thick cotton cloth to find the small size screws and bolts opened and kept during the replacement process. Shutdown your MacBook pro and remove the bottom lid of your computer and handle with care to avoid any kind of shocks while opening the lid.

Step2: Now remove the tri-wing screws locking the battery to your computer and remove the power cable from the login board before you remove the battery and put the new one to power your MacBook with new energy. The whole process can easily performed with Apple MacBook pro support assistance.

Step3: Now after opening the tri-wing screws and removing the power cable you can easily take out the old battery and put the new one in the same manner and position. If battery is charged be careful to not touch the negative and positive terminals to avoid any kind of short-circuits or electric sparks.

Step4: After keeping the battery inside the right cabinet now lock the battery with the tri-wing screws and attach the battery to the login board again in the same way. Make sure the screws are properly fixed and not in a position to come out or become loosen itself affecting the functionality of your MacBook.

Step5: Now your Apple MacBook pro is ready to run with extra power backups but before that attach the bottom lid properly back into the same place and fully charge your battery before running your MacBook. And if you need any kind of assistance you can take MacBook pro tech support and get online instruction to replace the battery of your MacBook pro with complete safety in highly professional manner.