how to print PDF Files

Learn how to print PDF Files?

Portable Document Format also popularly known as PDF is a file format has all the fundamentals of a printed document in form of an electronic image that you can view, print or send. PDF files are also immensely helpful in protecting the integrity of a document. However when it comes to printing, PDF files can prove to be little testy. Read further to learn how to print PDF files. Here, we are going to share few important steps for users so that they will be capable of printing PDF files. Download a PDF reader-

You can download free PDF reader program from the official website of Adobe. Also there are many readers available in the market that can read PDF files. If you face technical difficulty, you should call at toll free Dell Printer Technical Support Phone Number 1-800-834-1377 for instant help.

how to print PDF Files

Open the PDF file-

Open the PDF file using the reader program installed in the computer. In the case, you are using the browser, drag the PDF file into the browser window to open the PDF file.

Click File and then select Print-

In the application window, click on File and then select Print option. Selecting Print option will open a print dialog box with various options. These days many readers and web browsers show print button on either top or bottom of the PDF, hence preventing the need to use File menu.

Select Your Printer-

In the Print dialog box, you will get the option of choosing your printer. Make sure if you are connected directly to the printer or over wireless network. Also check if there are sufficient amount of pages in the printer. If you are unable to choose your printer, you can take help just by dialing Dell Printer Tech Support Phone Number from printer experts.

Set the range for your printer job-

In case your PDF file has multiple pages and you need to print certain pages only. You can use the Range or Pages section to select the pages you want to print.

Choose any advanced printing options-

By clicking the Properties button, you can select advanced printing options. From this section, you can select the layout, finish, print color and other features of the PDF file.

Print the Document-

Once you have selected all the printing options of your choice, click on Print button to print the document.
Thus, you will be able to print PDF files. For any query or issue regarding printers, contact at toll free Dell Printer Support Number 1-800-834-1377 for any kind of help.