Most Common Issues in Windows Operating System

Find out the Most Common Issues in Windows Operating System

Windows are the more popular operating system known for its best performance and features; still it shows several issues and errors such as Blue Screen of error, missing DLL files etc. It is like when an issue appears, Windows recognize the issues and show you an error message, but most of the times it is difficult to cope with these sorts of errors. Henceforth, here, you come to know about the briefing of some common technical issues with Windows. Moreover, for the technical problems with Windows OS, you can avail Windows System Technical Support from the experts.

Check out the most common problems with Windows Operating System-

Invalid Win32 Application:

Windows users encounter error message called ‘not a valid Win32 Application’ once in a while. The error usually appears when users try to launch the program or file having a .exe extension. There is multiple reason for the error such as trying to open a 64-bit program on 32-bit Windows versions, some of the program’s files are mussing, Virus/malware infection, or some files is not compatible with the installed Windows operating system. In such cases, as a user of Windows operating system, you are required to run System File Checker to recover missing system files.

Most Common Issues in Windows Operating System

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD):

In most of the cases, Windows operating system shows Blues Screen of Death (BSOD) with the blues screen error codes. The BSOD problem appears when the Windows OS experience any serious error or problem that pushes Windows to stop so as to avoid crash to the system. Here, the system needs to get restart meanwhile it is the only option that is left to troubleshoot the problem. The major reason for the BSOD is hardware/driver issues and this common Windows issues can be fixed by analyzing BSOD error codes. Apart from this, users can easily run “Check Disk” utility in order to repair disk related errors that can resolve the most common BSOD error.

Dll Files Are Missing: 

Dll missing files is one of the most common Windows errors, here the problem is the DLL get missing or DLL not found during the time you start the application. The issues generally prevent you from running the certain program. Dynamic link libraries (DLL) contain codes that can be easily used by the other programs at the same time. Here the error can be fixed by simply running the System File Checker (sfc.exe) in command prompt which will repair all system files. In case, you get failed to fix the problem on your own, then you better contact at Windows Tech Support Services for better solutions.

Windows Become Unresponsive:

Every user of Windows OS is familiar with unresponsive Windows, that halts the system in the middle of the work and the user has to wait until the recovery of the unresponsive OS. This is another most appearing error of Windows that can cause nonresponding application and freezing of the system for a while. There can be multiple reasons behind the unresponsive programs that include virus infection, hardware and driver malfunctions. Here, you can fix the problems by simply removing the program from task manager via Ctrl+Shift+Esc.

On the other hand, if you face any of the problems with your Windows operating system or experiencing any other error, feel free to call on Windows System Support Number. You can connect us easily as we are available round the clock. We offer our helpline +1-800-834-1377 and online live chat, you can choose any of the medium whichever is convenient for you. Here our support providers will assist you with customized and high-end solutions and deliver the best in class support service at the affordable price range.

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