Enhance Windows Operating System with Four Free Tools

Enhance Windows Operating System with Four Free Tools

Windows is a feature equipped operating system. There are free substitute which are highly powerful and efficient and take seconds to resolve. Those same features can be substituted by these free applications.

Search: -Search utility in windows 8 is integrated and quick with new start screen. However, the start screen search is not perfect. This cannot discover files that are not executable. Do you want to search via each file on your computer system? You would have to use File Explorer search. Or you can use everything. You can use “everything program”. You need to type and it would discover what you have been seeking for thus narrowing down the consequences letter by letter. This is a search utility that permits you to explore each single file on your computer system immediately. Pin it to the toolbar in order to access fast.  If you are unable to use this tool, you can call at toll free Windows Operating System Help Phone Number 1-800-834-1377 for immediate help.

Shifting of files:-

The task of transferring of files is very simple and quick but irritating too. However, this has become the center in the new versions of windows. On other hand, it does take time and any error can destroy your day.  Make the best use of Teracopy that makes big bunches of scuffling easy in a jiffy.

This is a free functionality that speeds up file shifting and secures from any unsuccessful transfer. In the case, there is any issue it would avoid that file and not send it. If you want to pause, take and restart the transfer. This combines with Windows explorer directly.

Enhance Windows Operating System with Four Free Tools


You can take a screen shot just by pressing Win-PrtScn in Windows 8, but you must take a bunch as well as get a loyal screenshot app. Green shot is a utility that gives you coarse as well as customized controls for fast screen shot taking. Htkeys can be binded to all kinds of screenshot commands and identify what would occur with those screenshots. You can open a ‘Save As dialogue’, open the screenshots in a small image editor or even save them to the hard drive.

Procedure Manager-

Windows process manager arises when you hit Ctrl-Esc-Shift or even open the “Procedures” tab in the Windows task manager. It displays as to which programs and processes are running and the resources they use. If you are unable to do this step, you can call at toll free Windows Operating System Support Number 1-800-834-1377 for immediate help.