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How to Save Printing Cost with Dell Printers?

Dell printers provide one of the most advance printing solutions as per the customize needs of the users. Though, it is already equipped with various interesting features to print documents at lowest cost. But if you have a Dell printer and use it for printing large number of copies every day, and want to minimize its cost further with better quality prints on different types of documents. Read below few useful tips how to save cost and minimize the cost of printing different documents using your Dell printers.

Activate Duplexing Printing Mode

Dell printers have facility to print documents on both side of a document, and to activate this feature you have to enable duplexing mode which will print all the documents from both sides. And if you don’t have any idea to activate this service you can take help of Dell printer support and print papers on both sides. Continue reading


How to Turn On Conversation View in Outlook 2013?

Microsoft Outlook always remained the first choice of the users to send mails with customize options and facility to communicate with local area network connected members. This is also a widely used conversation application among the employees of business enterprises. And to improve the experience of the user Microsoft has released many updated versions integrated with various useful features.

After Outlook 2010, Microsoft has made significant changes in Outlook 2013 which has almost similar user-interface but offers a far better mailing experience for users. Outlook has many features, and one of them is conversation view option, that allows users to show the conversation of mails between various senders and receivers who exchange mails among them especially to discuss various topics regularly.

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How to Keep Your Computer Secure From them

Malwares: How to Keep Your Computer Secure from them

Malwares are basically malicious software, which can be of different types including but not limited to virus, spyware, and worms or even Trojans. These are actually programs which cause harm to your PC.

Worms are malicious software programs which make copies of themselves over and over on the local drive, network shares, etc. The sole purpose of the worm is to reproduce itself over and over again. It doesn’t harm any information on the computer. Different from a virus, it does not require attaching itself to an already existing program. Worms spread by taking advantage of weaknesses in the operating systems.
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How to Troubleshoot a Slow Running of iMac?

Troubleshooting iMac computer system becomes challenging if you don’t have technical knowledge about the Mac OS X. This device runs at advance version of Mac OS X well-supported with high capacity hardware components. But at the time of use, unexpected errors or technical issues can encounter anytime without any information. To deal with such situations here below we bring various troubleshooting process for iMac issues.

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Browse Internet Faster On PC

How to Browse Internet Faster On PC?

Nowadays browsing on internet is one of the best time pass experience among the people globally. But slow running of browser test your patience and waste your time. Actually, there could be multiple reasons affecting the speed of browser, and to avoid slow browsing experience you have to keep in mind few things while choosing or running web browser.

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